Norristown Township
Layout + Design +  Transcreation (bilingual brochure) + Redesign

Norristown is a borough in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and home to a diverse population of 34,422 (2018) people with significant populations of people within the Black, African American, Hispanic, and Asian diasporas. Invison’s partnership with Norristown Township gave our team the opportunity to utilize and expand the scope of our multicultural experience as we worked to create a fresh design for the town’s social educational campaigns, bilingual brochures, and digital design geared towards engaging and empowering Norristown’s diverse populations.
One of our most impactful initiatives in this partnership was our work with the Bilingual Norristown Small Business Campaign. Our ability to create and produce bilingual collateral material including brochures, flyers, and folders made Invision a valuable resource in ensuring that programming and community outreach was accessible to a broad and diverse scope of the Norristown community.