Plaza Azteca
Creative + Design + Photography + Food styling + Public Relations + Video Production

Plaza Azteca began as a restaurant founded by Ruben Leon and Miguel Arellano in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia Beach and has since expanded its business as a significant Mexican restaurant group of over 40 locations spanning over seven states along the east coast.

During Invision’s extensive seven-year relationship with Plaza Azteca, our work in both operations and marketing made us an integral component of Plaza Azteca’s significant growth from 2013-2018. Our team worked to create a uniform corporate image, streamlining and modernizing the design aesthetics of their social media and graphic/digital design content and menus.
Hispanico also integrated various promotional loyalty/ rewards programs, gift cards, promotions, and EDDM campaigns. By creating a coherent brand for the restaurant group, Invision made itself a key player in Plaza’s subsequent growth in their revenue and commercial footprint.